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G33ky Pl34sur3s

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12/6/06 12:42 pm - sylvercheetah - JB Mania (Damned if I know the name of the campaign right now!): Nanya's Background Part ONE

This is the story of Nanya (pronounced like Tanya), the elf. She has no last name. At least none that you need to know.

She stood there, staring at the trees as if they could answer her questions. Her green eyes piercing the forest. The wind picked up and whipped her lengthy auburn hair around. Though the temperature had dropped some time ago she suddenly felt the chill. The chill that crept into her bones.
She picked up the coarse robe and wrapped her slender elven body in it. She paused for a moment to consider her situation. Her family abandoned by her father, while she was still unborn. An only child, who just this evening had buried her loving mother.
She couldn't focus on the memories of her mother, they would wrack her with sobs that would render her unable to perform even the simplest of tasks - even just walking home. Instead she focused on what her mother had said to her, the stories she had told her.

Like a zombie she put one foot in front of the other, and half watched the pebbles go bouncing off the path as her boots displaced them. She remembered asking about her father when she was just a wee elfling. She focused on that memory until she could feel the hot summer sun beating down on her back, she could taste the apple she had just bitten into, she could feel the juice dribbling down her chin, she could hear her mothers voice, she could even feel her mothers hand as she reached out for her shoulder.
"Nanya, darling. Your father loved us very much. Or at least I thought he did. But he was lured away by evil when you were still in the womb. The clan of the Vonterpetsteins came and tried to claim our land as their own, to run our lives in their fashion. Thankfully, it didn't take. For they are a greedy, and money-hungry people, concerned with little else if anything that does not lead to their profit. Your father, however, got sucked into their ways. He was a young and susceptible elf. If you ever go searching for him, give him this," she reached into her pocket and pulled out her hand to show Nanya something, "from me."
"But mom, wouldn't you go with me?"
"No, darling. I've already seen enough of your father. The day he walked out of our house, walked out on his wife and unborn child for mere money; that was the day I knew I'd never want to see his face again."
"Doesn't it make you sad?"
"The only thing that makes me sad darling is that you're falling behind in your studies. Now pick up your book."

At a young age Nanya had decided to study to become a monk. They refused to take her until she was much older, but she was determined to become a monk as soon as life would allow.

The sun set over the horizon, and the landscape had tumbled from a comforting twilight into complete darkness. Four more paces and she was just in time to see them blow out the candles at the monastery. She trotted up to the door, and let herself in. Relbiek, the Head Monk nodded at her in greeting. She quickly unlaced her boots, and after returning his nod, she walked to her room. She hung up her robe as she noticed the full moon outside her window. It was time, and she must be quiet if she didn't want to be kicked out of the monastery. Stripped entirely of all protective clothing, she stood on her bed, and jumped towards her window; she was able to wriggle her petite body through the opening and jump silently to the dirt below. After all, she had done just this a million times before.

She stayed still for a moment, crouching on the ground until she gained her night vision. Then she ran like a wolf towards the trees she had left behind less than 30 minutes ago. At the edge of the forest she let out a low, deep whistle and up came her mount. Unlike the others, who rode wolves to their meetings, she rode an awkwardly large rabbit. {At one point she had used her mothers wolf mount, but eventually she was forced to find her own mount. She opted to choose a baby from the litter of her mothers mount. Earlier in the day of her ceremonial choosing the wolf had come upon a lone baby bunny, it's family had been devoured by another pack, and it had hidden itself well. Instead of consuming it, since she was already full, she took pity on the shivering creature, and raised it as one of her own. Nanya felt incredibly connected with it, since it was definitely the odd one out in the litter; she named it Nemi. And when Nemi was large enough to ride, she took over care of the bunny. Now Nemi was large enough - 20 lbs - to live on her own, and yet still come when Nanya needed her. Though Nanya feared that she would one day outgrow Nemi as a mount, her growth had been stunted by the discovery of the java bean at a very young age. As a "full grown" elven woman she was still only 3'5", and still very slender.}

The full moon rose overhead just as Nanya and Nemi reached the clearing (a different clearing than the one she had just buried her mother in). The Druid circle was already formed. Nanya quickly dismounted and ran over to the circle, beginning her chants. Tonight was the night the "Secret Society of Druidian Elves" would induct her as a full member and allow her to start spell-casting... that is, if she wasn't terribly late as usual.

Nanya paused to consider that she was torn between her dreams to become Head Monk, and her nature which seemed to pull her closer and closer to the Druids. She shook her head, as if to clear it from such thoughts, and began her chants again, as she made her way to the middle of the circle.

{Note: I know that the picture below is somewhat elementary, but it is the best that I could do. I was attempting to draw her in a magic-summoning pose, and thought it might look good to turn her legs in towards each other, but then she just looked constipated. So, I will draw more, and better pictures (or so I hope) later on in the campaign; I will post those as well when they are done.}

2/26/06 02:13 am - sylvercheetah - EverDark

{Basic information - my character is Yorik Xiloscient, a male, half-elf, fighter, currently level one. He does not as of yet have a back story. While looking for adventure and profit he has been assigned a team with which he is supposed to meet today. The journey starts there. This is his personal account.}

Just outside of town, in the dense forest, I thought I saw several hideous creatures posed for attack. Their stench made it perfectly clear that my sighting was right on. Myself and several other travellers suddenly found ourselved engaged in a battle with six gnolls.

I approached the closest gnoll slowly, and he didn't even notice me. This gave me the opportunity to attack. Finesse might have been a good idea, as I swung wildly and blatantly missed the cretin. He looked down upon me and proclaimed in gnollish, "Hi, meet my blade," right before stabbing himself in the hand. I grabbed my quarter staff to retaliate & managed to give a nearby tree a rather blunt hair cut. The giant gnoll stood on and stared blankly. I was beginning to feel rather pathetic, and sadly, well matched. Suddenly, a sweet song filled the dense forest, giving me strength.
Given yet another opportunity to attack, and determined to prove my manhood, I lept forward and swept out both of his legs from the knee, on his way to the ground I swung my quarterstaff again and bashed in his brain. Instantly, the gnoll I had battled was no more.
The strangers screams reached my ears; I turned and ran to help them. Unfortunately, I am not in very great cardiovascular shape. Halfway there I had to stop for breath (only thirty paces), after a breif moment I stood up and resumed my run. The thought crossed my mind I should really remedy that; get into shape. Oh well.
During my rush a man, I would learn later to be Dayron (a fighter/cleric), killed the damned thing with tremendous amounts of damage (18 dmg to be exact) from his Longsword of Pointless Flames, in just one shot. This is, of course, after throwing his battle axe into the shoulder of the beast.

After the fight we all determined to relax - by looting the dead bodies. I recovered a battle axe (and g.p.), but then again so did everyone else.

All in all, it was a good experience. Definately a new way to meet people.

2/26/06 02:08 am - sylvercheetah - Welcome Note

Welcome all who shall come across this page. Any and everyone is invited to participate in this community, the more the merrier. I only ask two things. One is that the subject lines of the posts mention the campaign to which they are related, this is to avoid confusion (in the hopes that this community grows, and exponentionally so). Two is that all posts are campaign related, general D&D questions should be reserved for comments, this is to keep a nice flow to the community.

With that said, I shall procede to my first campaign related post.

Thank you for your time.
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